Veritas Legal

Veritas Legal


The primary focus of the law firm is to provide expert, prompt legal advice backed up by meticulous research and the extensive experience of our lawyers.


Veritas Legal was envisaged as a firm comprising lawyers who understood the value of integrity and a seamless experience for clients. We offer legal services of the highest standard which is in the best interest of the clients. Since its inception in 2009, this law firm has brought an innovative and modern approach to both simple and complex legal needs of individuals and entities. We listen to our clients, make sense of their matters and provide options.


Our service to clients in Grenada, the Caribbean and globally reflects meticulous attention to detail to ensure they are not inconvenienced. In order to fulfill our client promise of concluding their issues in the shortest time possible, we utilize all the tools, processes and technology available to resolve their legal matters efficiently.

Our Attorneys have built a reputation for providing an overall excellent client experience resulting in peace of mind from successful completion of their legal matters and therefore client satisfaction.


The Attorneys

Michelle Emmanuel-Steele has been a practicing Attorney since 1994. She has also been a Notary Public since 2004. She was previously a partner in an established firm in Grenada for 12 years. She has extensive experience in conveyancing, security documentation, banking and financial law, company incorporation and civil litigation, to name a few. She serves on the boards of the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation and Grenada National Stadium. Further information on Mrs Steel’s work history can be found here []


The Principal Attorney of Veritas Legal believes in the concepts of balance, fairness, integrity, logic and efficiency. She employs these concepts daily in her desired objective to provide outstanding legal services.


Gregory Delzin is an Attorney -at-Law who is consulted by the firm in his capacity as Counsel. He has been a member of the Grenada Bar since the year 1992 and has a solid track record of success before the Supreme Court of Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal. Mr Delzin is based in Trinidad where he also runs a vibrant law firm. His court experience also includes several appearances before Her Majesty’s Privy Council which remains the highest court of appeal for both Trinidad and Grenada.