Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the usual legal process required for land purchase transactions, a non citizen must first obtain an aliens land holding licence to purchase land.

An alien purchaser is also required to pay property transfer tax of 10% of the sum remaining when you deduct EC$20,000 from the purchase price.

Whether you are to be employed by a local business or setting up a business of your own, once you are a non citizen, you are required to obtain a work permit before you can work in Grenada. The application is to the Ministry of Labour of the Government of Grenada and this process usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks from the date of submission of the application. If the application is approved then the Government fee payable is currently as follows:

    • CARICOM citizen EC$1,000
    • Commonwealth citizen EC$3,000
    • Non Commonwealth citizen EC$5,000

In order to set up business you must ensure that you are appropriately registered or incorporated locally. If you intend to carry on business styled in a name other than your own then this name must be registered as a business name. If you wish to carry on business through a company then you need to incorporate.

The business is also required to be registered with Inland Revenue. In respect of employees of the business registration with National Insurance Scheme is required.

Any employees who are non citizens would require work permits.

Previously, our system of registration in Grenada of trademarks requirred prior and current registration in the United Kingdom. In other words, a trademark could not be registered in Grenada without it first being registered in the United Kingdom. In May 2012 new legislation was enacted to permit the registration of trademarls without the need for registration in the UK. Consequently, many personas can take advantage of protecting their brands and logos when previously the costs of doing so was prohibitive given the relatively high expense and lengthy process which was part of the UK registration process.

There is also a new Patents Act which was enacted. Grenada is. Also a party to the Patents Cooperation Treaty allowing for PCT patents to be registered in Grenada.

For more information on Grenada generally you can visit the following websites:

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